Mark Rejhon

Address:    34 Proctor Blvd, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada L8M 2M3

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C / C++



Objective C
J2ME / Java Mobile

JavaScript / AJAX

Visual Basic / VB.NET

UNIX / Linux shell

Perl / grep / sed

Oracle PL/SQL

Assembly (x86, 6502, 8051)

Script Languages

Unmanaged Languages

Managed Languages





Visual Studio

RIM BlackBerry JDE
BlackBerry 10
Windows Mobile SDK


Multithreading / Multi-Core
Embedded Visual C++

InstallShield IDE
Forms / XML
Macros / Scripting

Ant / Makefile / GCC

.NET, MFC, ATL, Win32

iPhone SDK




BlackBerry (OS 4.0 to 7.0)

BB10, PlayBook & QNX

PocketPC / Smartphone
Windows Phone

Windows Mobile 5 / 6 / 7
Windows 8 / 7 / XP / Vista

NT Workstation
Macintosh / Mac OS X

iPhone / iPad / iPod

UNIX / X-Window / X11





.NET – Java – Windows – BlackBerry – Android – Mobile – Linux – iOS – Real-Time – UI Design


§  Software developer in the IT industry since 1992, with programming knowledge since 1986.

§  Over 8 years of mobile platforms including Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, Android and more.

§  Expert in user interfaces, messaging, XML, HTML5, XMPP, real-time communications, and more.

§  Extensive experience in .NET, C#, VB, Java, C++, C, and many other languages.

§  Extensive experience in Visual Studio, Eclipse, RIM JDE, XCode, and many other environments.

§  New skills now include Windows 8, QNX, BlackBerry 10, PlayBook, iOS (iPhone/iPad)


Contract – Incorporated – Rejhon Technologies Inc. – PWGSC Enhanced Security Clearance

This resume is dated April 2013. See LinkedIn or contact Mark for a more recent resume.




Research In Motion / BlackBerry                                    Nov 2012 – April 2013

BBM Software Developer                                                                                                     Contract


§  BlackBerry 10 Launch: Support the world-wide BB10 Launch event.

§  BlackBerry Messenger: Utilized Java in Eclipse, RIM JDE, agile development, source code management (SCM), build scripts, using tools including Perforce, Integrity, Rally. Work included improving the messaging experience, user interface, social networking, unit tests, BlackBerry Simulator, debugging, code reviews, collaboration, sprint planning, utilizing the Agile methodology.


Hydro One                                                                            June 2010 – Nov 2012

.NET Software Developer                                                                                                    Contract


§  Agile Development: Accommodate fast-changing requirements in an efficient manner.

§  Tablet App for Field Inspection & Maintenance: Worked with C# to create a form reporting application for Windows Tablets, with some Java and C++ for third-party applications and utilities. Utilized an Enterprise Service Bus using SAP, Oracle, operating with Antenna / Dexterra software. Complete software development life cycle (SDLC), for each version, from planning to deployment.

§  Mobile App Efficiency: User interfaces, new feature requests, optimizations, ease of use, outdoor readability, improved online/offline modes, wireless synchronization, improved forms, and more.


Real-Time Text Standardization                                                Dec 2010 – Date

Multiple Part-Time Projects – Android / Windows / .NET


§  Author of an Instant Messaging Extension Protocol: Created an Internet standard for sending real-time text via Jabber/XMPP messaging,

§  Task Group Leader, Jabber/XMPP, Real-Time Text Foundation: Collaboration with group at for requirements and improvements to the protocol.

§  Created an Instant Messaging Application: A demonstration app to demonstrate real-time text over instant messaging, at, compatible with Google Talk networks.

§  Android/iPhone Messaging App Contract with INdigital Telecom: Worked on my real-time text protocol in prototype emergency messaging demos for texting-to-911 for NENA, EAAC, and FCC.

§  Java Messaging App: Software application for Gregg Vanderheiden,


NOKIA – OZ Communications                                         Aug 2009 – June 2010

Mobile Software Developer – BlackBerry / Android / Windows                                 Contract


§  Visual Voice-mail App: Worked with “Carrier Support” team to develop a visual voice mail apps in C# and Java for Android, Windows Mobile 6.5, BlackBerry. Work included user interface design, layout, performance optimizations, addition of new features, and code maintenance.

§  E-Mail Software: Code maintenance for a mobile email app on multiple platforms, in C# and Java.





CSS – style sheets

Google Talk
Facebook Chat
Cisco WebEx
Social Networking
Instant Messaging Server

cgi-bin / Perl / PHP

JavaScript / AJAX


Java Applet









Apache / IIS

Wordpress / Blog

Adobe PhotoShop

Internet Explorer

Mozilla FireFox


Direct2D / Direct3D






SQL Server



Microsoft Access
Antenna / Dexterra
Enterprise Service Bus





MKS Integrity
Visual SourceSafe


Borland StarTeam

HP Quality Center
Confluence / Jira
Wiki / MediaWiki



In-Touch Survey Systems                                                April 2009 – May 2009

Senior Software Developer – Mobile & .NET                                                             Contract


§  Touchscreen Survey User-Interface for Windows Mobile: Rapid iterative development of kiosk-style form app in C# .NET for a HTC Touch Pro mobile phone, for a large company.

§  User-Friendly App with Integrated Camera Functionality: This included XML, multi-threading, WinForms, store-and-forward queues, SQL CE database, web communications, custom skinnable user interface, splash screen, performance optimization, online and offline support, and more.


EMS Satcom                                                                         Jan 2009 – April 2009

Senior Software Developer – Mobile & .NET                                                             Contract


§  Satellite Communication Library in .NET and Compact Framework: Redesigned an improved communications API library to connect over Iridium satellite networks via multiple devices including PDT300i and NAL. Worked on Short Burst Data (SBD), packet data, DLL, abstraction layers, AES256 encryption, GPS tracking, TCP/IP, RS232 serial ports, and modem-style AT commands.

§  Easy Messaging App for Pocket PC and Windows Mobile: Created a 2-way mobile instant messaging app with an easy user-friendly interface, utilizing the above satellite code.


bitHeads Inc.                                                                        July 2007 – Nov. 2008

Senior Mobile Software Developer                                                                         Contract


§  Financial and Stock Trading App for BlackBerry: Worked with a Vaultus team to create E*TRADE Mobile Pro for BlackBerry, a stock and trading app. Responsibilities included user interfaces, graphical improvements, real-time performance, and ease of usability improvements. Exercised a rapid iterative software development life cycle utilizing agile development.

§  Medical Information App for BlackBerry, Pocket PC and Smartphone devices: Wrote a multi-platform medical database app in Java and C# .NET for BlackBerry, Pocket PC, TREO, Smartphone, and iPaq devices. Work included user interface design, graphics creation, buttons, icons, menus, and creating a compact medicine information database for wireless synchronization.

§  Enterprise file attachment viewer app for Pocket PC: Worked on major performance improvements, performance profiling, benchmarking, XML-RPC communications, and graphics.


Macadamian Technologies Inc.                                       July 2006 – July 2007

Software Developer                                                                            Full Time Employment


§  Desktop video teleconferencing application: Worked in C++, implementing new video formats, replacing an old H.263 video codec library with a new library using H.264 and MPEG4.

§  Windows Mobile UI and code porting: Worked with Avaya on a Windows Mobile SIP phone client, improving UI design and ported source code to TREO, Pocket PC and Smartphone OS.

§  Embedded Software Development: Worked on the user interface of Nortel 1120E VoIP phone.

§  Agile methodology: Iterative software development (SDLC) covering fast-changing requirements.


Rove Mobile Inc. (Idokorro Mobile Inc.)                          Mar. 2005 – Jan. 2006

Product Development                                                                        Full Time Employment


§  Mobile remote-admin app for BlackBerry, Pocket PC and Smartphone: Teamwork on cross-platform programming, including multi-threading optimizations and responsiveness improvements.

§  Created ANSI / VT100 / Linux unit tests for MobileSSH, a telnet/SSH client for BlackBerry.

§  Designed and implemented a new XML specification for mobile remote-admin software.

§  Programmed in Java, C# and C++ within several environments including RIM JDE, SUN JDK, Visual Studio .NET 2003, Wireless Toolkit, J2ME, ant, Makefile, GNU gcc and other tools.


Stewart Filmscreen Inc.                                                     July 2003 – Dec 2004

Management Consulting                                                                                        Direct Contract


§  Visited on-site several times to Stewart Filmscreen Inc. in Cincinnati, Ohio to test and evaluate video wall products, and write illustrated reports for eliminating defects and improving products.



TCP/IP sockets


RS232 Serial

VT100 / ANSI Terminals
Ethereal / Wireshark
Serial AT Commands
GSM / 3G / 4G / LTE
Iridium / Satellite






Word Macros

Excel Macros


Outlook Forms

Microsoft Access

WordPerfect Macros

Windows Script Host

Visual Studio Macros






Adobe Acrobat





Windows Help



Commodore 64

Game Programming

Electronic Circuits

Bulletin Board System

Computer Building


Open Source Projects

3D Modelling

Home Theater

Forum Moderator

Mobile Apps

Real-Time Text Apps




Immersive Inc.                                                                      May 2002 – May 2004

Software Engineer/User Interface Developer                                               Direct Contract


§  Developed, from scratch, a user-friendly video viewer app for a PCI video card called "HOLO3DGRAPH". Designed an easy remote-controlled UI, using on-screen menu overlays.

§  Created development API's to separate high-level C++ code from low-level driver code, improved software performance, full multithreading support, MFC and ATL, and easy installer software.

§  Collaborated with multiple companies including Faroudja, Genesis, and Xilinx, to refine software and drivers for the "HOLO3DGRAPH" product, including low-level port register programming.


Theater Automation WOW Inc.                                       Nov. 2000 – Apr. 2002

Lead Software Engineer                                                                                         Direct Contract


§  Developed a video processor, “TAW ROCK”, for high-end home cinema and TV broadcasters.

§  Project design, from scratch, of a user interface framework in C++ and ATL using multithreading.

§  Worked in C++ with video enhancement algorithms, menu design, serial control, infrared remote sensor, automatic firmware upgrade utility, encryption, and custom scripting language interpretor.

§  Co-ordinated with software engineers and hardware designers, to cut manufacturing costs.

§  Technical writing of a fully illustrated 50-page instruction manual, in Adobe Acrobat format.

§  The "TAW ROCK" won the 2003 Editor's Choice Award by "Stereophile Guide To Home Theater" magazine, Jan 2003 Issue, for best picture quality and most user-friendly on-screen menus.


Additional work history is available on request, including additional work history since 1992.




Volunteer History

§  Moderator of Internet’s busiest BlackBerry wireless forum, (2004-2008).

§  Moderator of Internet’s busiest Home Theater PC discussion forum, (1999-2001).

§  Open Source developer for several Linux projects including DOSEMU and Minicom (1994-1997).

§  Organizer of an annual sporting event.


Media Contributions

§  Author of a BlackBerry Wireless FAQ at (2005 – 2006).

§  Provided content for O’Reilly Books, BlackBerry Hacks” (August 2005).

§  Wrote a full chapter for O’Reilly Books, “Home Theater Hacks” (September 2004).

§  Mentioned in four different Stereophile Guide to Home Theater magazine articles
(p.55 May 2001 issue, p.38 Nov. 2001 issue, p.32-33 Dec. 2001 issue, and p.90 Oct. 2002).

§  Mentioned in Forbes Magazine article, “Popcorn with your PC” (p.210 of July 24th 2000 issue).

§  Writer for Home Theater Computer HDTV Tips for KEOHI HDTV Website (2000).


Hobby Computer Programming Projects

§  Author of a standard real-time text protocol, and created a Jabber/XMPP instant messaging app.

§  Designed BlackBerry software for personal use, and released some on BlackBerryForums.

§  Hobby electronics work with Arduino microcontrollers, creating embedded software.

§  Invented several video algorithms for the open source dScaler home theater PC application.

§  Developed a notepad application for the iPhone / iPod Touch using Xcode and iPhone SDK.

§  Designed custom Linux fax and telephone server software for my use using C, Perl and shell.

§  Self-taught computer programming in 1986 at age 11 on Commodore 64.

§  Created several video games for the Commodore 64 computer system in the late 1980’s.

§  Wrote custom telecommunications software for my Bulletin Board System beginning in 1991.



§  Completed courses at University of Waterloo towards Masters degree in Computer Science.

§  Graduated from Brookfield High School with full diploma.

§  Achieved typing speed tests in the 99th percentile at over 100 WPM (Best score 142 WPM).

§  Pascal and Descartes math contest medalist (1989, 1992) – best score at Brookfield High School.

§  Become a Microsoft Certified Product Specialist (MCPS) in 1995.