Quake 2 Graphics Comparison:
SVGA vs. 3Dfx OpenGL!

The following screenshots demonstrate the capabilities of using 3Dfx graphics hardware in Quake 2.  The left column of images are plain SVGA Quake 2 (640x480 in 256 colors). The right column is 3Dfx OpenGL (640x480 in 65536 colors) from a Diamond Monster 3D graphics card. The middle column are split screenshots, divided between the two, for up-close comparison. Click on the mini screenshots below for full-size screenshots!

Ordinary SVGA Splitscreen! 3Dfx OpenGL

QuakeII_1_thumb_vga.jpg (4735 bytes) QuakeII_1_thumb_split.jpg (5323 bytes) QuakeII_1_thumb_gl.jpg (4516 bytes)

QuakeII_2_thumb_vga.jpg (5908 bytes) QuakeII_2_thumb_split.jpg (5884 bytes) QuakeII_2_thumb_gl.jpg (5200 bytes)

QuakeII_3_thumb_vga.jpg (5699 bytes) QuakeII_3_thumb_split.jpg (6092 bytes) QuakeII_3_thumb_gl.jpg (5388 bytes)

QuakeII_4_thumb_vga.jpg (3881 bytes) QuakeII_4_thumb_split.jpg (4585 bytes) QuakeII_4_thumb_gl.jpg (4261 bytes)

QuakeII_5_thumb_vga.jpg (3430 bytes) QuakeII_5_thumb_split.jpg (3605 bytes) QuakeII_5_thumb_gl.jpg (3079 bytes)

quakeII_6_thumb_vga.jpg (4726 bytes) quakeII_6_thumb_split.jpg (4985 bytes) quakeII_6_thumb_gl.jpg (4506 bytes)

And last, but not the least, I still have the original Quake split screenshot, if you haven't seen seen the old one already yet! Don't forget to come back to the 3D Graphics section.

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