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One may wonder why I like to tell details about myself to anyone on the Net -- but that's often the purpose of a personal home page back in the GeoCities era of the 1990s! In the pre-Facebook era, it has been a natural human desire to express details about oneself on a personal webpage, to a prudent extent of course. If this is not your cup of tea, you don't have to continue reading. Otherwise, read on...

- About Myself and Family
- My Computer Interest
- My Historical Gadgets
- Everything About Myself Crammed Into Code!
- Contacting Me

About Myself and Family

[Canada Flag]I am computer nut here in Canada, born in Ottawa, the capital city of Canada. I lived in Ottawa most of my life before moving to Hamilton, Ontario. I am looking forward to seeing Ontario increasingly become the Silicon Valley of the North as that gives me another good reason to stay in Ontario, since that comfortably ensures my career with computer related work!   I run my own business as Rejhon Technologies Inc.

I graduated from Brookfield High School, and spent one year at University of Waterloo in their Computer Science program before jumping on the dot-com boom bandwagon. I now work as an independent computer consultant, and also operate my own business as Rejhon Technologies Inc. You can find more information about this in my LinkedIn.

My Computer Interest

I have a big interest in computers and other technology gadgets. Much of it is because of my hearing impairment, because using computers don't require a hearing ability. My computer is also my telephone as well, when I use its modem! You can read more about my hearing impairment in my Hearing impairment FAQ.

I used to work full-time for three years at Ivation Datasystems doing software development, computer maintenance and website maintenance. I was also the website administrator and co-editor of the Ivation corporate website at Presently, I am now a full-time computer consultant of Rejhon Technologies Inc.

I have been computer programming for nearly 15 years. It began in February 1986 when my father got me a Commodore 64 computer. I started to experiment with BASIC programming. Later in the year, I was already programming in assembly on the 64! Now I own a few computers, and I now program in many computer languages. If you're interested in more information about my programming, see my Programming section. My skills also landed me in the Shad Valley program in 1991, a Canadian summer university program for high school students!

I also have a big interest in computer artwork as well, and hope to increase my involvement in more creative areas in the computer industry. I also have a very big interest in 3D graphics, that brings affordable arcade quality hardware 3D graphics acceleration to PC systems! More information about 3D graphics can be found in the 3D graphics section.

I run Windoze XP Professional on my primary home system - one of my multiple computers.  I run Linux as my server machine.  I am a fan of Linux which is a unix-like computer operating system. I used to run it as my primary OS since 1993 at University of Waterloo. I program and run all sorts of operating systems now (Mac, Windows, iOS/Android, and more)

This might give you an idea of what type of computer person I am ;-) ... There are seven computers in my home. 

My Historical Gadgets

Twenty years ago, I had set up the bleeding edge. If you are curious about the computer systems I am using at this time of writing, I have three computers and a fourth one that I gave to my roommate.  All four systems are on a 100 Mbps switched Ethernet network on a 4 Mbps DSL link.  There is a main desktop PC, a Linux server PC, a Home Theater PC, my roommate's PC, a laptop, and some other lesser PC's.

My electronics gadget inventory has changed constantly over time over the last decade that I have been on the Internet.  For Christmas of 1997, I gave myself a 3Com PalmPilot Professional electronic organizer, that turned into a Palm V in 1999.  Finally, in the year 2000, I have a Compaq iPaq PocketPC and a Nokia cellphone which also provides wireless Internet connectivity.  Now, I use a Blackberry 7280 by Rogers Wireless.  By the time you read this, I may already have moved on to the Next Big Thing!

I also have several gadgets that assist me with my hearing impairment. You can read about them in my Hearing Impairment FAQ!

Everything About Myself Crammed Into Code!

This is an old-fashioned code, but this has been a staple of my website since 1996, so I will be continuing to keep this section online for the time being.

While I don't look like a classic computer geek with glasses, there was a popular "secret code" for computer geeks back in my freshman university days. You will have learned almost everything about my life if you can crack my updated Geek Code:

Version: 3.1
GCS/O/U d- s: a-- C+++$ UBL++$> P++$ L+(++)$>++++ !E-() W+++$ N+(++) o? K- w++$>-- !O M-?>+ !V PS(+) PE+ !Y PGP(-)>+ t+ 5(++) X(+) R tv(--) b+ DI+(++) !D+ G+ e>+++ h>++ r++>+++ y++>*

There is a decoder program on the popular Geek Code website that can automatically crack the above code automatically for you. ;-)

Contacting Me

This web page is almost a quarter century old! Here's a 1998 copy on Internet Archive. To learn fresher information about Mark Rejhon, feel free to take a look at LinkedIn / / BlurBusters for more recent information about Mark Rejhon.

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