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circa 1997!

This website is very old. Over 20 years old.

Here's a 1998 copy of this website on Internet Archive.

This website was built before some of you were born. Originally designed in 1997 by Mark Rejhon using bleeding edge web technologies back at the time (Netscape Navigator 3.0). Enjoy your Throwback Tuesday here, complete with 100% pre-CSS framesets.

Landed here by accident via Google? More recent information about me can be found on LinkedIn / RejTech.com. That said, feel free to explore this site for nogalistic purposes!

Historical pictures from year 2000: CRT front projection Home Theater photos
Historical programming from the 1980s and 1990s: Mark's Classic Programming Section
Want to know more about my hearing impairment? Take a look at my famous Hearing Impairment FAQ


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