Mark Rejhon's Classic Home Theater From 2000

My classic CRT projection home theater from Year 2000! Formerly located in my old condo in Ottawa, Ontario of good 'ol Canada!   As you can see, it's not a dedicated home theater room - the same L shaped room is used as a living room, dining room, and a home office as well.  The home office behind the sofa has also received new furniture as well!   The speakers are not pictured in these photos - they are below the screen near the floor.

The projector was an NEC XG135 MultiSync CRT Projection Monitor.  It behaved just like a gigantic computer monitor that was also HDTV compatible.  Notice that the projector is primarily driven by a Home Theater PC (HTPC) for all television and DVD needs, instead of a line doubler or scaler.  The HTPC was powered by a GeForce256 video card for the best possible progressive scan DVD picture at reasonable prices - some people say the picture rivals a Faroudja line quadrupler.  I played DVD at an "oddball" 1440x800 resolution at 120Hz refresh.  For more information, check out the Home Theater Computers Forum Forum at AVSFORUM, which I used to moderate in years 1999 and 2000.  I still post there from time to time!

Featured in December 2001 issue of Stereophile Guide to Home Theater: Mark Rejhon's DILA Test Pattern and Instructions on Using Test Pattern.

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Before Ceiling Install
In-house moviegoers had to sit to the left or to the right of the projector to enjoy the big screen action.  My DVD collection is pictured at the left. 

Ceiling Installation
Bracket is now on the ceiling.  Two people were just barely able to lift the 140lbs projector up there!

Where's My Ammo?
The projector installation has been conquered using concrete anchors and a hammer drill!

Projector Now On Ceiling
Notice the new computer desk in the home office behind the sofa as well.  Now, who volunteers to sit under the projector?

Corner HT Rack
It has a JVC SVHS VCR, a Kenwood receiver, and a Home Theater PC (HTPC) which does both DVD and TV.

Office Shelf Behind Sofa
An earlier addition to the home office behind the home theater.

New Desk Behind HT
The new computer desk was built the day after the projector cieling install.  It dwarfs the 19" monitor.

Looking To Side Of HT
Facing outwards to the sofa.  The HT rack corner is behind this view.  The screen is out of sight on the wall to the left.

92 Inches Of Windows
And in widescreen too.  Now, that's scary - Bill Gates invades Home Theater.   Taken near Xmas time.

Muppets From Space
Actual screenshot of a scene taken from Muppets From Space DVD.

Starship Troopers
One of my favourite demo DVD's as well.

The Fifth Element
The very original definitive demo DVD.

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